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Out with the old and in with the new...

Here we are another year later with the lack of updates. Work has really kept me on my toes and it's hard to find time for this stuff anymore. The new site is still being thought of and I am gathering new ideas to make the site better than the current one. A lot has changed over the past 13 years and it is taking me time to play catch-up. We now have CSS3, HTML5, and responsive web design that needs to be factored into the new site. The problem is most definitely finding the time to learn this stuff. Yes, I had all year, and I will admit I procrastinated quite a bit. I don't want another year to go by without anything getting done, so my focus right now is the launch of the all new Yep, I am retiring the domain so that we can focus on newer content with the user in mind. That means more updated tutorials (possibly even video) and projects to help the user understand this software even further. My focus has always been to help promote Abyss Web Server because I believe it is the only reliable and easy to set up web server on the market, while still maintaining the free edition. Anyone who uses this software I think would like to see it grow, hence why this website exists.

In other news, the FileLimit/phpDownloadProxy project is being tossed. The project doesn't really make sense now that Abyss has download restriction capabilities already integrated such as Time Restriction and Disable Download Resuming, as well as the anti-leech/hotlink protection. The only unique feature that would have been implemented was the ability to serve files as though they were on your server such as from YouTube. Now that YouTube added more protection to their streaming, it makes it almost impossible to bypass that control and there are ethical issues as well. The main focus right now is the launch of the new site and then the continuation of the AWS:MRT (Abyss Web Server: Mod Rewrite Translator) version 2.0 project, which will have the ability to read mod rewrite instructions in real-time and implement with Abyss's abyss.conf file, making it easier to configure the URL Rewriting capability of the server for various scripts. Continue checking back and there will be new content to come. The new site will hopefully be ready by the end of this year and there will be updates as we get closer to the launch of the new website.


Joshua H.

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