August 19, 2016 news archives
Bad news and good news

Hi, there!

So what's going on since my last news update? There is bad news and there is good news. The bad news is that the company that hired me as a programmer terminated my position April 2016. I worked for them for almost 10 months and they kicked me out the door! Truthfully, I did my job right where others were mostly careless. Anyway, the good news is that I am now working with my previous company as a Help Desk Representative documenting support calls. There is nothing more satisfying than helping customers solve their computer problems. The truth is that I am happier working with my previous company than when I was working at the other company! More good news is that starting on Labor Day I will have a new 4-day work week that will give me a 3-day weekend, which will allow more time to code. The other company only permitted a 2-day weekend which isn't a lot of time for coding. We need more days than just two to be honest.

Enough about my job status, let's get to the good stuff! Both domains for and have been renewed today for another year. Since I will have a 3-day weekend every work week, this will allow 3 days for me to work on these unfinished projects that I put off for so long. It is bothering me that these projects are still under development and should have been finished at least 2 years ago. Plans to continue their development have been put in place and hopefully an update will be made available in the coming months before the new year.


Joshua H. (TRUSTAbyss)

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